Professional Portable qPCR System Manufacturer

Anitoa is a professional R&D and manufacturing company of molecular diagnostic qPCR instruments and reagents, with independent intellectual property rights of core chip technology, optical technology, rapid heating, microfluidic control and supporting reagents and other patented technologies, so that the instruments developed by Anitoa are characterized by quick and easy small instruments, allowing the development of expensive and complex large PCR instruments into truly portable POCT products.

  • R&D company from Silicon Valley, USA
  • A manufacturing company with its own core technology
  • An innovative company with deep experience in rapid and small qPCR technology
  • A professional company providing detection solutions for medical disease control, inspection and quarantine, agriculture, forestry, and animal husbandry


No Moving Parts, Reliable Performance


Channels Achievable at a Small Instrument


kg, Small Size, Great Function


Chambers Independent Assay. Exclusive Technology



  • 2012
    Anitoa, a brand of molecular diagnostic products, was founded in Silicon Valley, USA.
  • 2014
    Anitoa developed one of its core technologies, "Ultra-Low-Light CMOS Image Sensor (CIS) Chips", which was successfully released;
  • 2016
    Anitoa started the independent research and development of small qPCR instrument from the basic to the whole machine;
  • 2018
    Anitoa Maverick qPCR instrument was validated in small scale market;
  • 2020
    The company's products Maverick series MQ1, MQ4 received international market
  • 2021
    The company will establish its own production system and obtain ISO13485, ISO9001, CEIVD and FDA certifications;
  • 2022
    The first generation of the whole series of products will be launched gradually, the second generation of products will be verified, and the third generation of fully automated products will be developed.


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