MQ0 qPCR Module

    We help our customers to develop their own nucleic acid detection system with minimum cost and shortest cycle time.

    High integration: 

    a single-bay PCR module covering temperature control system, optical system and circuit control system, which can be operated by powering up.

    Automatic lid opening: 

    adopting electromagnetic lock technology, which can access the automatic lid opening function.

    Flexible combination: 

    support 6 groups of modules working simultaneously or independently;

    Efficient and fast: 

    the fastest 20min to complete a round of testing, can realize the flow of testing mode;

Application Development

1. Develop customized nucleic acid detection equipment with different appearance requirements.

2. Integrated in various portable devices to realize portable field testing special equipment.

3. Integrated in the table-top all-in-one machine to realize fully automatic nucleic acid testing platform.

4. Integrated in nucleic acid testing kiosk, with fully automatic robot, to achieve fully automatic nucleic acid sampling and testing kiosk.

More applications are waiting for you to develop together...

Main Technical Parameters

Basic Parameters

Specification Model

MQ0 module

# of wells

4 wells, 8 wells, 16 wells available

# of Channels


Applicable Consumables

0.2ml eight-link tube or 0.2ml   single tube


Up to 4-plex fluorescence detection   without channel cross-interference correction

Reaction System



Single copy gene detectable

Operating System

External Android connection   available

Size   and Weight

300*218*85mm, about 2kg

Temperature Control System   Parameters

Temp Control Technology

Adopt the high-level semiconductor   chip of MARLOW company, the cycle times can reach one million times. The   unique temperature control software algorithm coordinates and manages the   semiconductor heating, auxiliary heating and cooling systems, which not only   ensures the accuracy of temperature control, but also increases the rate of   heating and cooling, and 

accurately controls the temperature.

Heating Rate*


Cooling Rate*


Temp Uniformity*


Temp Accuracy*


Optical System Parameters

Optical   Core Technology

Multi-channel   fixed light splitting and filtering imaging system. long-term use 

does not   require expensive and cumbersome periodic calibration maintenance, 

and high   reliability. One chip per channel, no moving scanner, maintenance free.

Excitation Light Source

Long life maintenance-free LED.   The free-form surface concentrating system has the excitation light intensity   increased by 200%, and no calibration is required, cost effective.

Excitation Wavelength


Emission Wavelength



Ultra-low-light CMOS   Bio-imaging chip

Fluorescent   Dyes

Channel 1: FAM/SYBR Green I;

Channel 2: HEX, VIC, JOE, TET;

Channel 3: ROX;

Channel 4: CY5;

* Ideal values measured in a standard laboratory environment.

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