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1. Confirm Needs & Requirements:

(1) Please download and fill in the "OEM SERVICE REQUEST FORM" (Fill in the form and send it to the email address: salesmanager@anitoa.com), including: instrument usage scenarios, supporting reagents, operators, required certifications and standards, etc.

(2) If you use the two key information of "product model" and "manufacturer" of Anitoa, you can continue to use the product certification that the product has obtained. If you use the your own model and production information, the customer needs to apply for the relevant certification.

2. Anitoa evaluates according to the needs of customers and proposes OEM solutions to customers.

3. OEM business negotiation, agree on the content and plan of business cooperation.

4. Anitoa can provide trial prototype testing in the following two ways to further determine the technical solution:

(1) The customer obtains the trial prototype by paying the deposit, etc., and conducts the test. After the test, both parties return the instrument and the deposit (the customer's instrument bears the freight)

(2) The customer mails the reagents to Anitoa, and Anitoa conducts the test according to the customer's procedures and standards, and returns the test data.

5. After passing the test, determine the final OEM plan and sign the contract.

6. The customer provides the order, and Anitoa produces and supplies.

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