MQ6 qPCR System

    Maverick MQ6 features 6 independent bays of 16-well modules. It is a combination of fast, flexible, user-friendly, instant inspection, and other advantages in one instrument.

    Flow detection: 

    6 chambers are independently controlled, the samples are instantly detected, and a group of samples can be detected in 5~10 minutes without interruption

    Easy operation: 

    10" Android touch screen

    Flexible configuration: 

    2 to 8 channels of fluorescence bands can be selected

    Application scenario: 

    batch rapid detection of multiple samples or simultaneous detection of multiple experiments

Overview of MQ6 qPCR System

Meet Maverick MQ6, a high throughput, flexible and fast qPCR system that is compatible with standard qPCR assays. Target applications are rapid, on-the-site nucleic acid test of with larger number of samples. 

Features of MQ6 qPCR System

Intuitive and powerful system to control multiple chambers simultaneously or independently.

6 chambers can be used for multiple independent sample testing items at the same time, realizing multiple uses of one machine.

Flexible combination of 6 bins, 2 to 6 different testing procedures can be compared and tested at the same time.

Integrated touch operation, no external computer required, simple and convenient.

Intuitive software system, to achieve simultaneous control of multiple chambers.

Applications of MQ6 qPCR System

Scientific and technical research

Medical in-vitro diagnostics

Public infectious disease surveillance

Port inspection and quarantine

Animal disease quarantine

Techspecs of MQ6 qPCR System:

Optional Sample Throughput# of wells



# of Optional Channels



6Coming   soon

8Coming   soon

Software Operation Mode

Built-in 10 Inches Android   Touch Pad

 Support English and Chinese

Applicable Consumable

0.2ml Standard PCR Test Tube

0.1ml Standard PCR Tube   (Customizable)

Reaction System


 Optical System

Fixed Multi-Color   Fluorescence Spectroscopy Imaging System

Ultra-Low-Light CMOS Image   Sensor (CIS) Chips

High Endurance LED

Minimum Detection   Sensitivity

 Single Copy

Temperature Control System

Semiconductor Cooler

Maximum Heating Rate/s


Maximum Cooling Rate/s


Temperature Uniformity


Temperature Accuracy


Consistency of Ct Values   Between Wells



External Power Source


USB Flash Disk


Type C


Data Export Format


 Data Export Method

Scan code export, network   transfer


 DimensionsL*W*H mm




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