Nucleic Acid Test Reagent Kits

Professional nucleic acid detection kit with reagent and mateial package to running RT-PCR.


Nucleic Acid Test Kits

Maverick qPCR is a universal platform for nucleic acid detection, multi-use, suitable for a variety of viruses, bacteria, protozoa and other nucleic acid detection

What are qPCR instruments?

Quantitative PCR instruments monitor the progress of PCR and the nature of the amplified product by measuring fluorescence. The range of different fluorescent labels that can be monitored, the precision with which it can be measured, and the ability to distinguish signals from different labels are relevant performance characteristics.

How PCR reactions are performed?

PCR reactions are performed by thermal cycling in the presence of specific oligonucleotides, enzymatic polymerases, free nucleic acids, and divalent salts such as MgSO4 or MgCl2. This cocktail is often referred to as the PCR master mix. Detection of PCR product amplification is performed by monitoring fluorescence amplitude during PCR. In the presence of intercalating dyes such as SYBR Green I, the fluorescence amplitude is proportional to the concentration of PCR product DNA amplicons. To verify amplification specificity, melting curve analysis (MCA) can be performed using intercalating dyes after PCR is complete. Another improvement to PCR is the addition of reverse transcriptase to the PCR mix, resulting in reverse transcription PCR (RT-PCR).

How much do the nucleic acid test kits cost?

Anitoa's nucleic acid test kits are based on the development and application of several of the company's exclusive technologies, guaranteeing performance while reducing costs. Factory direct sales with attractive price advantages.

We offer a wide selection of reagent products and qPCR instrument combinations depending on customer needs, and support flexible customization services, with prices adjusted to the appropriate configuration. Feel free to let us know your application requirements and we will provide the corresponding reagent sets suggestion and quotation.

Professional Portable qPCR System Manufacturer

Anitoa is a professional R&D and manufacturing company of molecular diagnostic qPCR instruments and reagents, with independent intellectual property rights of core chip technology, optical technology, rapid heating, microfluidic control and supporting reagents and other patented technologies, so that the instruments developed by Anitoa are characterized by quick and easy small instruments, allowing the development of expensive and complex large PCR instruments into truly portable POCT products.