qPCR Modules and Customization

    Anitoa stands at the forefront of molecular diagnostics, offering a range of innovative qPCR modules and comprehensive customization services. With our pioneering "Ultra-sensitive Multi-pixel CMOS Sensor Chip" technology as the foundation, we provide tailored solutions to meet various research and diagnostic needs.

    Our qPCR modules excel in versatility, accommodating diverse consumables such as standard 8-tube strips, unconventional PCR tubes, and specialized microfluidic card chambers. This adaptability ensures precise temperature control and multi-color fluorescence detection, supporting a wide array of applications.

    Anitoa's commitment to personalized layouts enables seamless integration into your specific system, with electrically operated lid functions for a perfect fit. Whether exploring multi-target diagnostics with open 6-channel fluorescence or achieving rapid results through our rapid thermal control system, Anitoa's qPCR modules empower efficient and accurate testing.

Leading Innovation with a Unique Approach

Anitoa is built upon its proprietary "Ultra-sensitive Multi-pixel CMOS Sensor Chip," serving as the foundation for comprehensive qPCR instrument design and core component development. Our commitment to autonomous innovation sets us apart. Unlike reagent companies, Anitoa specializes in instrument development, ensuring a cooperative partnership that allows customers to focus on advancing the field of molecular diagnostics.

Diverse Customization for Precision

Anitoa's qPCR modules offer versatile customization services that accommodate various detection consumables, including standard 8-tube strips, non-standard spaced PCR tubes, and specialized chambers for microfluidic cards. This flexibility enables precise temperature control and multi-color fluorescence collection. We provide multiple product lines, allowing you to choose the qPCR module that best suits your needs.

Tailored Layouts for Seamless Integration

No matter the size or spatial requirements of your overall setup, Anitoa's qPCR modules can be customized to fit your layout specifications. We also offer electrically operated lid-opening and closing functions, ensuring seamless integration with your system. Recognizing the uniqueness of each customer's needs, we deliver personalized solutions for your specific requirements.

Versatile Functions for Comprehensive Empowerment

Anitoa's qPCR modules feature an open 6-channel fluorescence detection system and high-resolution melting curve analysis, providing robust support for your multi-target molecular diagnostics applications. We are dedicated to offering you expanded exploration possibilities, unlocking more potential in molecular diagnostics.

Efficient Acceleration for Rapid Testing

Leveraging the breakthrough "Ultra-sensitive Multi-pixel CMOS Sensor Chip" and a rapid thermal control system, Anitoa's qPCR modules can accomplish 40 cycles of PCR amplification and detection within just 20 minutes. Our technology empowers you to obtain accurate results efficiently and swiftly.

Comprehensive Customization in One Place

In addition to qPCR modules, Anitoa offers a full range of customization and development services, including nucleic acid pre-processing, automated liquid handling systems, AI vision systems, qPCR detection systems, consumable design and production, industrial design, software development, and complete system assembly. Our expert team provides an all-in-one solution from concept to realization for your projects.

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