Anitoa: High-Performance and High-Efficiency qPCR Instruments to Boost Your Productivity

Efficient and accurate testing is a crucial requirement in modern scientific research and clinical diagnostics. In this field, Anitoa has been dedicated to developing cutting-edge real-time fluorescence quantitative PCR (qPCR) instruments with outstanding performance and efficiency. Through the latest validations, our qPCR instruments not only exhibit exceptional performance but also deliver reliable results in a shorter period.

1. Reduced Experiment Time

Our qPCR instruments have made significant breakthroughs in experiment duration. Compared to internationally renowned brands, Anitoa's qPCR instruments can substantially shorten the experiment time under the same conditions. This means that researchers and clinical professionals can complete their testing in less time, enhancing work efficiency and saving valuable time.


2. Comparable Detection Limit

The Anitoa MQ4 qPCR instrument also excels in its lowest detection limit compared to equivalent detection from other instruments. In fast mode, our instrument achieves a minimum detection limit of 200 copies/ml, equivalent to a single copy per tube. This achievement places our instrument at the forefront of sensitivity, providing users with reliable and precise test results.


3. Excellent Linearity

Our qPCR instrument demonstrates outstanding linearity. By utilizing the probe method to amplify 10-fold dilutions of plasmids ranging from 1×10^9 to 1×10^1, we achieve an R2 value of 0.9997. This close-to-1 linear relationship showcases the wide dynamic range of Anitoa's MQ4 qPCR instrument, allowing accurate measurement of target substance concentrations.


In summary, Anitoa's qPCR instruments combine excellent features in terms of performance and efficiency. Our instruments not only significantly reduce experiment time but also achieve comparable detection limits and exhibit exceptional linearity. These characteristics make our instruments the ideal choice for applications in research laboratories and in vitro diagnostics, providing users with efficient and accurate testing solutions. Whether you are involved in scientific research, food safety, environmental monitoring, animal disease detection, or medical in vitro diagnostics, Anitoa's qPCR instruments will be your most reliable partner.